ASTERQUIGAS is a non-profit making business association that was formed in 1978 and which groups together the largest independent businesses in Spain that carry out chemical and petroleum product logistics. Our companies’ basic activity is centred on chemical and petroleum product logistics:


Reception via oil pipeline, piping, tanker ships, tanker lorries or rail


Storage and handling


Shipping via oil pipeline, piping, tanker lorries, tanker ships or rail

Through their activity,  the companies associated with ASTERQUIGAS significantly contribute to improving costs and supply conditions for chemical and petroleum products in Spain. In relation to modification processes in official specifications and the appearance of new products, our associate companies play an important role in their achievement as well as in implementation times.

Our Members

The facilities of the companies affiliated with ASTERQUIGAS are characterized by investments in the infrastructures of stored media (tens, and in many cases, hundreds of miles of cubic meters) and the safety, quality and environmental measures required by the handling of products. petroleum and chemical.

Within the activity they develop, aimed at ensuring the reception, storage and dispatch of petroleum and chemical products that companies and people need daily, we can distinguish the following areas


The members of ASTERQUIGAS receive and store petroleum products, chemicals, gases, alcohols and other products necessary for the industry such as solvents, molasses, greases, etc.


Operational stocks and security or strategic reserves are stored, both with differentiated or undifferentiated quality (commingle)


Storage terminals receive and ship products by tanker, pipeline, ship, barge or rail, ensuring supply to service stations, industry, airports and final consumers

Import and Export

The maritime terminals, located in the main Spanish ports, facilitate the importation of petroleum products, chemicals that Spain needs and its export to foreign markets.

Mixtures and other Activities

In the terminals, products are mixed or components are added to improve the quality and added value of the products and adapt them to the technical specifications demanded by the markets.


The traditional activity of ASTERQUIGAS companies has been focused mainly on CHEMICALS and PETROLÍFEROS of mineral origin. However, in recent years the logistics activity of the BIOFUELS has become very important, both in its base components and in the mixtures with gasolines and gas oils, thus contributing to the improvement of the ENVIRONMENT ASTERQUIGAS

Our Figures

The companies associated with ASTERQUIGAS, represent a good part of the sector as shown below

60 million
of Tm

Product Flow


Multi-product oil pipelines


Storage facilities

12 millions
of m3

Storage Capacity


Market share in Product flow

Our activity

The general objectives of ASTERQUIGAS are

Dissemination about our sector

To promote knowledge of the activity which is carried out in the storage and distribution sector of petroleum, chemical and gas products.

Monitoring and improvement of the regulatory framework

Analyze the Spanish and European regulations that may affect the business of the associated companies and establish common positions of the Association.

Representation of our members

Represent the interests of the member companies of the Association both in Spain and in Europe, through the Federation of European Tank Storage associations, FETSA, of which Asterquigas is a member.

International collaboration

Encourage the exchange of information between the members of the Association and with other European Associations, with due respect to confidentiality and competition rules.

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