Who we are

ASTERQUIGAS is a non-profit making business association that was formed in 1978 and which groups together the largest independent businesses in Spain that carry out chemical and petroleum product logistics. Our companies’ basic activity is centred on chemical and petroleum product logistics:

  1. reception via oil pipeline, piping, tanker ships, tanker lorries or rail
  2. storage and handling
  3. shipping via oil pipeline, piping, tanker lorries, tanker ships or rail

TanquesThrough their activity, the companies associated with ASTERQUIGAS significantly contribute to improving costs and supply conditions for chemical and petroleum products in Spain. In relation to modification processes in official specifications and the appearance of new products, our associate companies play an important role in their achievement as well as in implementation times. In 2017, the flow of products through our association’s member companies was 58 million tonnes. These figures involved approximately 90% and 95% of the market respectively. Although the conventional activity of the ASTERQUIGAS was referred to CHEMICAL and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS from mineral resources, BIOFUEL logistic activities have been gaining increasing importance recently in their base components as well as mixtures intended for end-consumers. In this way, ASTERQUIGAS is contributing to the compliance of government plans for environmental improvement.

High-level of plant investment

The ASTERQUIGAS companies’ installations are characterised in that they require high levels of construction investment as justified by the following:Detail of fuel tank

  • The need for significant fixed infrastructures, complex piping installations, pumps and tanker-lorry loading bays etc. It is also necessary to add large docking and unloading installations for tanker ships at port terminals.
  • The stored volume sizes (tens of thousands and, in many cases, hundreds of thousands of cubic metres).
  • Special fire-fighting safety installations, which are essential because of the handled product characteristics.
  • The use of advanced instrumentation equipment in order to perform strict quantitative and qualitative product movement controls. This is required because of the high raw material value and the required rigour in the application of special taxes collected by the Public Tax Office.
  • Special equipment for environmental damage prevention, minimising the impact of such installations on the overall footprint of the product logistics flow:
    • Waste treatment
    • Vapour treatment
    • Maritime contamination prevention measures

Employment of qualified personnel

The ASTERQUIGAS companies employ 2,100 people, among engineers, technicians and fully qualified professional workers. Port terminal operators achieve this category through specific, officially-approved training courses under Puertos del Estado supervision. Access our course calendar: Operators Course programme. In general, all personnel undergo continuous training programmes, which mainly include course and hands-on training on safety and environmental protection matters.